Panorama bathworld

Panorama bathworld

Swimming with a view

Our guests can enjoy free daily entry to Panorama Badewelt in St. Johann, just a three-minute walk away from the hotel. You can spend either three hours in the indoor pool, or the whole day in the outdoor pool during the summer months.

The complex has extensive facilities to suit your personal rhythm: it is a place to relax, if you simply want to switch off. But it’s also a lively fitness centre, if you feel like getting your body into sport mode. Aquafit, tennis, football and beach volleyball are just a few of the many activities you can enjoy here.

Whether you head for the sauna area or the relaxation zones, or have a rejuvenating massage; or perhaps you fancy the temperature-controlled pool with water jets, the sport pool, the water slide or the pirate ship in the adventure playground – there is a perfect activity for each and every visitor to Panorama Badewelt.

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